The Six Things I’ve Done to Improve my Healthy Lifestyle During COVID 19

Hi Beautiful, 

The new normal is, at times, is challenging for busy women. Even though we may be working from home or working reduced hours, we still have to juggle responsibilities that center around keeping family and ourselves safe. 

Maybe you were challenged to keep your healthy living goals and objectives in mind with the new normal. When this all started in February/March of 2020, I struggled as well, but I’ve made continued improvements in my health and wellness by doing the following six things over the months.

  1. Recognize my emotions. I’ve been journaling regularly to make sure that I spend time connecting with my feelings. With not much good news day after day, it’s essential to take stock of your emotions. If you are struggling emotionally, don’t hesitate to talk with a counselor, psychiatrist, trusted friend, or advisor
  2. Exploring and trying new things or starting something you’ve put off doing. I started my business; running this business has inspired me and provided me something to look forward to each day. It gives me that sense of accomplishment and another outlet that helps me to feel productive. It’s something that I fully control, as, in COVID, we may be feeling that we have lost some control.
  3. I increased my relationship with God. I became intentional about spending time with God daily. I put that Bible app on my phone to work each day, and I spend time each morning reading a devotional message in prayer before I start my day. I then note an important scripture or devotion in my journal for the day or week. This practice has helped me ground myself to see and feel the positive aspects of life in these challenging times.
  4. Celebrate my accomplishments. No matter how small each week, I reflect on what went well, what I enjoyed, or what felt right. Be intentional and find your WINs. Regardless of how challenging things can be, there is always something positive to be gleaned from every circumstance. We can celebrate our darkest moments because we have the opportunity to learn something new about ourselves that will make us better in the future.
  5. Enjoy others. Laughter is contagious, and it helps you to reduce stress. We have a couple of friends we engage with practicing the social distance and masking requirements to stay safe. Get creative and put together some virtual meetups with your friends or family.
  6. I increased my physical activity and focused on eating well. I decided to take advantage of this time to focus on improving my health. I invested in a home garage gym, and I started to pay more attention to my food choices. I’ve shed 16 pounds since I started, and I continue to remain prescription free.

These six changes have helped me create balance and harmony in my life, so I’m healthier and happier, despite COVID.

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