Six Steps to Restart Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Hi Beautiful,

I thought I share my Mindset Spring Cleaning story.

Since Spring has sprung, I’m facing new opportunities and have many ideas to pursue in my business; it feels like I need a bit of a mindset refresh to keep me moving forward.

Spring Forward to Abundance

I officially launched Living Blessed Planners 6 months ago, and it’s been a fantastic experience. But along my journey, I’ve experienced the highs and the lows of an entrepreneur. The biggest challenge I had was staying on course while handling new opportunities.

The way this played out over this time was I scraped my original planner design, I changed my website something like five times, I changed my website copy and brand messaging like three times, I hired two coaches (not a wrong decision, actually a great decision), and I changed my ideal customer three times.

Since I’m new, my business’s many variations are forgivable as new businesses will go through this change. The one constant that kept my mindset in a good place so that I could handle all the challenges and changes was staying true to these six mindset steps:

Six Essential Mindset Steps for Entrepreneurs

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Step 1 - I Have a Clear Vision Linked To What I Value

I’m intentional with describing what I want to achieve related to my business. I do this by writing down what value my business will help create in my life. I share my values list with others to help hold myself accountable. Value for me is having the ability to take care of my family, do something that I love, and support women entrepreneurs to create positive outcomes by planning, prioritizing, organizing, and executing their vision.

Step 2 - I Have A Strong Faith Foundation

It’s so often said, “that if you believe it, you can achieve it.” My faith foundation plays a huge part in helping me stay sure-footed when worry or fear makes me uncomfortable. Faith is my assurance that what God has promised I’m able to achieve as long I continue to press forward.

Step 3 - I Say No To Fear

I know this can be hard at times, but as an entrepreneur, I cannot let fear have power over me or my decisions if I want to continue to grow personally. I’ve realized that fear does not hinder my business; it hinders me from growing. Sometimes my fear will show up subtly as procrastination. I’ve made it my practice to overcome fear by creating a plan to address it, writing it down in my planner like any other goal, and creating tasks to take action. This approach helps me to keep moving forward.

Step 4 - I Learn About Me Daily

I journal daily for no more than 10 minutes in my planner. I use this time to focus on myself, clear my head of things that hold me back or frustrate me, and write down new ideas. This focus on “me time” helps me to reflect and think about what I’m learning about myself. I’ve started to recognize my triggers, how I manage my time, what sidetracks me, and what excites me.

Step 5 - I Ask For My Blessing

I pray daily and ASK for my blessing. Some days I’m asking for help; other days, I may be asking for assurance. Pray has been the thing to keep me centered. Pray does change things, it’s been many days when I’m not sure of the right direction, but after praying, I can figure out my next move.

Step 6 - I’m Ready For The Test

I’m ready to be patient and persistent. I know that our culture has an “I want it all now” approach, so my patience can wear thin, or I could easily give up on an idea or method if it’s too challenging. I’ve made that commitment to stay in this for the long run. I keep myself on point by setting my key results and metrics to a 4-week interval, so I’m not looking too far down the road where I could get discouraged.

By practicing the six mindset steps, I can handle new opportunities and expand my creative ideas. I enjoy staying true to what I value: taking care of my family, loving what I do, and supporting women entrepreneurs to create positive outcomes by planning, prioritizing, organizing, and executing their vision.

What Do You Think?
I’d love to hear from you: comment below on what has worked for you to help keep your Entrepreneurial Mindset sharp?

To Living Your Blessed Life - Janice

“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” Psalms 27:1

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