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Hi Beautiful,

What's your monthly planning process look like? Is it effective? Do you enjoy it? Or do you skip it because you never follow your plan?

What's Important to Consider When Planning for your Business.

I'm a bit of a dreamer, and I think if I were not a dreamer, I probably would not be in business. But I am, and being a dreamer can mess up a great dream if I do not have a good process for going after what I want to accomplish.

So the importance of process project management is essential, and that's why I love using Agile and Management by Objectives to help me execute my plans and keep me on track.

As a dreamer, I get inspired and have many new ideas that come into my mind virtually every day that I could use in Living Blessed Planners. If I were left to my own devices without some structure or discipline, I would try every one of them, which would not help me build a solid foundation for this business.

To have an effective and fun planning session that any dreamer would love, here are the actions that are essential to consider for your monthly planning session:

Set Time Aside Blessed CEO Time

I reserve 4 hours before the start of every month as my Blessed CEO time. During this time, I make sure I have all of my results and tools handy to help me think, evaluate, and plan out my strategy for the next month.

Some of the things I have available are my financials, customer comments or feedback, social media engagement numbers, paid ad data, sales data, and my Living Blessed Planner. From the planner, I want to have handy my journal notes and my idea starters pages.

# 1 Start with the Financials

It's essential to know what my numbers are looking like. So I review and update sales data and expenses. I look to see if I hit the budget projections I had for the month. If I was over or short, what caused it and where I needed to improve.

For expenses, was every charge necessary, or am I paying for unnecessary items? Where can I skinny down my costs. And where do I need to make investments in my business? What needs more funds because it's showing growth and scaling may be the best option.

#2 Evaluate Customer Service

I know how vital customer service is for my business; it can not be the last or forgotten thing that I consider. If I want my business to be successful, I have to create a great customer experience.

So it's always my number two priority that I review. Even as a solo entrepreneur, I have to have a great customer service model that I evaluate.

I consider how well my systems support the experience I want for my customers.

  • Is it easy for them to contact me?  
  • Am I responding timely to requests?  
  • Am I keeping my word?  
  • How effective was I at taking challenging customer interactions and turning them into positive interactions?  
  • Did I have any customer service failures? If so, what could I have done better to make that experience positive?
  • What did I learn from my customers this month that I could better serve them?


#3 Review Marketing Results

I spend the most time reviewing my marketing results. Not just my total followers or subscribers but how well customers moved through the stages of the Social Media Ecosystem.

I want to evaluate how well I'm doing meeting my Ecosystem goals, and I'm making sure it's functioning as a unit.

I review my posts and videos and score them for effectiveness. Considering the response, how well I stayed true to my brand voice, how well I shared my Agile and Management by Objectives knowledge, and how well I shared my story.

This process helps me to determine what's working and what's not working. I view marketing as a combination of art and science. I have to balance both the numbers and the artistry of putting together a story that people understand.

#4 Management by Objectives

I love managing by objectives—this where the fun and actions happen for me monthly. I review how I'm progressing towards my current objectives. At this time, I'm focusing on Amplifying Service in my business. I write down what's working well, what's not, and where I need to improve.

I also use this time to consider if I need to add a new objective. When considering adding a new objective, I determine if it is a priority, will it take away from something more important? Do I have the skills to fulfill it, or do I need other resources, and if this investment will honestly give me the value that I desire?

From there, I follow through on the planning steps to set up my month. I decide on my key results, which translate into my Monthly goals, and break them down into my weekly goals and daily tasks. I put all of this information in my Living Blessed Planner.

After working through this process each month, I feel in control, inspired for the month ahead, and assured that I've got a solid plan in place.

What Do you Think?
I'd love to hear from you: comment below on how you approach your planning process.

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippians 4:6

Hi! I'm Janice

I teach women entrepreneurs how to bring their creative business ideas to life with Agile Practices and Business Objective Management Skills.

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