How a 15 minute Self-Care Routine Improves Your Chances to Lose Weight

Hi Beautiful!

Busy lately? I know you’re thinking “self-care”?! How am I going to do that when I’m juggling my kids, my hubby, my housework, my job and trying to loss this weight? There’s no time for me and most days I’m gratefully just to fall into bed at the end of the day and go to sleep.

Boost Your Weight Loss

I know how you are feeling and at times I get overwhelmed with juggling it all, but here is why taking just 15 minutes for self-care nightly has helped me manage my weight.

We Need Restful Sleep

I’ve seen the improvement in my quality of sleep and the amount restful sleep that I get each night. When you lack restful sleep it can cause your hunger hormone ghrelin to kick in, thus causing you to eat more and break your diet plan.

You Avoid Stress Eating

After running around being a super mom, a fabulous wife, a top performer on your job, you’re both tired and pretty keyed up. By being intentional with my nightly self-care routine, I have more control over my stressors.

I don’t reach for that snack or my favorite comfort food when people or situations press my buttons.

Self Care Is Not Selfish

When you allow yourself permission to be self care consistent you create balance for yourself. You give and give to everyone, but often times people do not give back to you sufficiently.

You know what you need for your balance to return so that you can feel whole each day. 15 minutes a day does not have to be exhaustive with a ton of different activities you perform.

The only requirement is that it is a dedicated 15 minutes, where you can tune out the kids, the hubby, social media, the news, and any other distractions to allow you to focus on you.

So claim your time daily. During that time plan something that is meaningful to you.

I like to journal so I spend time emptying my head of my feelings, not my to do list, but my feelings. I connect to my inner spirit and the holy spirit during this time.

15 minutes dedicated to you, doesn’t that sound amazing! It will comfort you, calm you and provide balance so your inner stressed hungry girl does not take control.

To Living Your Blessed Life – Janice

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